Your Relationship with Money

Money is important.

Money buys the freedom to pursue your dreams. Money empowers your ability to jump out of bed each morning to choose exactly how you’re going to add value to the world.

Yet, in spite of its great importance, statistics show the majority of us have a poor or negative relationship with money. Learning about money is not a priority for most. Leaders of our education system continue to talk about the importance of financial education, but the most recent announcement of yet another “new” pilot project is likely just the latest of many lukewarm initiatives that lack the conviction to invest in our teachers, let alone our student population.

Furthermore, we are programmed by the media, the financial industry and sales people with false truths about income, saving, investing, risk, credit and insurance.

This has forced generations  to manage their own finances by trial and error – often learning lessons the hard way; ironically, much too late to have a meaningful impact on their lives.

Mastery over money begins with Financial Literacy – Financially literate people have the tools with which to create their freedom.

This is the primary motivation of Fintelligence.

If you’re in the middle of your career and earning an income, Fintelligence will give you insights and tools to change your relationship with money and to take actions that will improve your long-term financial well-being.

If you’re just starting (or about to start) your career, you stand to gain much from the discussions on both Financial Literacy and Career Literacy found here. .

Congratulations on making a commitment to become Financially Literate.

You’ve taken a significant step toward buying your freedom!

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