Q&A – iShares or Vanguard, Hedged or Unhedged

Q&A - iShares or Vanguard, Hedged or Unhedged | Fintelligence

Which Low-Cost Index ETF Should I Choose? I enjoyed your presentation. One thing in particular that really stood out to me were your thoughts on fund management and fees. I would like to take action on my own account, setting up a self directed RRSP containing one of the ETFs you spoke about. I’m writing […]

Q&A – Stocks or Real Estate?

Q&A - Stocks or Real Estate? | Fintelligence

Should I buy a home or invest in the stock market? If a 25 year old has about $50K saved up in the bank- what is the best framework / method to make a decision on allocating that capital? (there seem to be two main options – real estate and S&P 500 index fund). If […]

Q&A – Inefficient Markets

Q&A - Inefficient Markets | Fintelligence

Do ETFs distort market efficiencies? You gave a great overview of ETFs and S&P yesterday that was really helpful. This article that I am linking talks about some inefficiencies that are being created by money flowing into ETFs and most people avoiding active investments. As per the article, this pattern is creating inefficiencies that can […]

3 Ways We Sabotage Our Wealth

3 Ways We Sabotage Our Wealth | Fintelligence

We started saving as soon as we got our first jobs. My wife and I set aside 10% or more of our paycheck each month and have maintained this discipline through our 26 years together. In this context, we’ve been successful savers. In spite of this, we’ve certainly made our share of mistakes along the […]

Q&A – Starting Young

Q&A - Starting Young | Fintelligence

I’m in my 20’s. How do I invest? Answer By wanting to invest this early in your life, you’re already taking advantage of the most important asset you have as an investor (Time).  You really only need 3 other things. An investment vehicle/fund (to invest in stocks); A discount brokerage account; Conviction – the most important […]

The Market “Melt-Up” – A Note to the Young Investor

The Market “Melt-Up” – A Note to the Young Investor | Fintelligence

Happy New Year! As I write this in the first few days of 2018, North American stock markets are going up and breaking new records on a daily basis. The economy looks good, data shows that main street investors are jumping into stocks and the 2008 economic crisis is a distant memory. Everyone is optimistic. […]

5 Basics of Personal Finance You Need to Know

5 Basics of Personal Finance You Need to Know | Fintelligence

Here are 5 basics of personal finance and investing every person should know. Spend less than you earn – The simplest way to do this is to practice Make, Save, Live (in that order). That is, Save before you Spend. No matter how much money you make, if you do not spend less than you earn, you will […]